Sunday 20 january 2019


What's news ?  / 14h30-15h45


- What's new for nurse specialist in wounds care ?


- What's new in dressing ?


- What's new in surgery ?


- What's new in scar ?


 - What's New in Chronic Wound Care and Management ?


Symposium International / 16h15-18h00


- What's new in UK for Tissues Viability Nurses ?


- Fat injection in surgery of wounds and scars


- Which combined technologies for getting the best possible scar in 2019 ?


- Biomechanics of pressure relieving systems

- Physiotherapy for scars : scar wars


Monday 21 january 2019
Updates in wound technologies SESSION 1 : Patient pathway using Telemedicine - 14h15/15h15

1. Surgical follow up using telemedecine.

2. Domoplaies.

3. Sensors in telemedicine.

4. Diabetic foot and telemedicine.


Updates in wound technologies SESSION 2 : Skin substitutes - 15h30/16h30


1. Stem cells in wound healing.

2. Dermal substitutes : where are we? 

3. Burns and cellularised matrices.

4. Challenges in cell repopulation in the lab.

5. Clinical aspects of the use of dermal substitute.


Updates in wound technologies SESSION 3 : Wound infection : surgical aspects - 17h00/18h00


1. Infected wounds in large disasters.

2. Infection in diabetic foot ulcer.

3. Infection of pressure ulcers.

4. Infected osteosynthetic material.


Tuesday 22 january 2019
Updates in wound technologies SESSION 4 : Surgical reconstruction - 08h15/09h15


1. Negative wound pressure therapy instillation and skin substitute


2. Flaps


3. Skin substitutes


4. Integra dermal substitute in diabetic foot ulcer



Oral Communication UWT (session 1) - 09h45/10h45


Oral Communication UWT (session 2) - 11h00/12h00 


Session in partnership with IMCAS - 14h00/15h30 

Programme soon

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